Xplore – What is it about?

Photo: © Peter Hönnemann • Layout: © Caprice

is a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, body work, dance, performance and ritual.

offers more than 40 workshops, demonstrations, lectures and performances on different aspects and variations of sexuality.

presents unusual individuals who play with, work with, and explore the phenomenon of sexuality. Individuals who have developed amazing techniques and rituals on their way. These forms are as varied as sexuality itself. Some are therapeutic in nature, some emerge from aesthetic intentions, others are spiritual quests or searches for borderline experiences. Most of them just aim for pure pleasure. Their common ground is playfulness, communication, creativity and expansion beyond the traditional relationship of the couple. They represent a different sexual culture. They are art with body and soul.

will host presenters from all over the planet who will teach short workshops, giving insight into their special fields.

wishes to provide hints, ideas and images and to promote an intelligent, open-minded and playful approach to sex. But most of all, Xplore wishes to bring together those who think and love unconventionally. To share and to learn.

is an idea of the choreographer and conceptual artist Felix Ruckert and takes places annually in Berlin, Germany since 2004. The xplore concept of a playful fusion of art, body practices and sexuality proved to be extremely successful, which led to growing numbers of attendees over the last years. 

To provide more people access to the unique mix of workshops and presentations of the festival we decided to export the Xplore idea to other European countries.

Therefore multiple Xplore Festivals will take place this year, with a mix of international presenters and in collaboration with our respective local production teams.
The connection to the local scene is a very important aspect to us and we are very interested in contacts to persons who would like to communicate and transmit the Xplore idea in their city and region.
If you are interested or inspired, please contact us!!

Welcome to our playground!

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